Hi, my name is Clare I live in Nottingham UK and I had ulcerative colitis for many years until a particularly bad flare ended up with me having emergency surgery to remove my large bowel (Colon) , the ending of my small bowel (Ileum) was then pulled through an opening in my tummy on my right side to form a stoma, this is called an Ileostomy. Tomas the stoma was born. Then some months later my anus and rectum were removed.

These blogs are my thoughts,feelings and life before and after surgery.

I found lots of support out there, and have put in the links to various important websites on my SUPPORT NETWORKS tab under INFORMATION on the home page.

Some of my posts and videos are not for the squeamish, there are open wounds and moving/ wriggling stomas.

I would love to hear from you, either with feedback or personal stories, so please make use of the form on the contact page .If you would like your story published on my site please let me know.

I also write blogs for the Eakin company’s stoma help site ‘A bigger life’


Tomas the stoma, a downloadable picture and story book especially for the younger children who are about to have stoma surgery.

Thank you for visiting

Clare ( and Tomas)