Happy flush air freshener

I am very excited to try this product, I have heard a bit about it and when you have a stoma it is good to see new products emerging that will make us more confident using a public or friends loo.

I actually had the offer to review this product from the actual suppliers/manufacturers, who are a small family run company. The fact that they are willing to push their product for reviews means to me that they have confidence in that product. They also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They come in three sizes..

Pocket size- 25ml – £3.59     Bathroom – 50ml – £4.99     Family – 100ml £8.99 Combi ( all three) £15.99

(VI poo is more expensive)

I sprayed the apple one into the bowl, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the smell wasn’t totally overpowering which I was worried about as I am not a fan of powerful fruity smells ( I have to take a wide berth going past Lush). I then emptied my bag and flushed. I could only smell apple but I thought I ought to ask another poor sole. So seeing as my son was the only one in the house with me, he was that poor sole. I shouted him and asked him what it smelled like in the room and if he could smell my output ( I know, he wasn’t overjoyed to be asked), he took a few sniffs and confirmed it was fine and that he could smell apple.

So there you have it, a thorough honest review of a lovely product.