Leaky Barbie Butt continued ..


You would think that having your arsehole removed would stop anything going in and coming out of it, but oh no I am left with a perineal sinus that is such a massive nuisance. The other thing that is annoying is the fact that because I can function near normally I am put on the back burner by the medical profession.

I don’t mean to moan, ok I do, I understand that many people are very sick and need urgent care, which I was one of them last year, but if an operation leaves someone with a drop in their quality of life then please don’t leave me for 8 months in that condition. I didn’t even know that a sinus could form let alone know that I might be a good candidate for it. ( I had a  rectal stump blowout which caused pelvic sepsis). Could it even cause more serious issues if left? I am left with this constant drip drip which I am sure you can imagine is not much fun. You get very sore and constantly aware of that wetness, not nice when you are trying to get on with life.

My appointment is in two weeks ( fingers crossed that it doesn’t get cancelled again) and I cannot wait. I know something needs doing but I also know that I will again have to wait.


Perineal sinus after proctectomy

Went to see my surgeon today for my post proctectomy review. Because I had the pelvic abscess, my wound isn’t fully healing. It is reasonably common in this type of surgery, to develop a sinus ( hole where there shouldn’t be one, that drains pus or fluid usually.) I have done my usual trick of looking it up on the internet, wished I hadn’t. If it doesn’t heal after the first look ,

He said I need an MRI to see how deep the sinus is before he decides what to do. There is not a big rush as I am well in myself, but because it is a nuisance and could potentially cause more issues, it is best to get sorted. He thinks that he will need to use a probe and it will be a general anaesthetic again. After that, I didn’t really understand what would happen.

These surgeries are a long haul, and take it out of you. I really didn’t know there could be so many complications with it all, and I can safely say, that I have had most of them. This is because of the mess I was in coming into surgery in the first place.