Eakins cohesive seal

This product was a godsend for me. Because of the fistula at the base of my stoma, I always struggled to cut the base of the bag to fit the awkward shape that the fistula created, ensuring that any output didn’t leak onto the skin.


Above is the image of my stoma with an Eakin seal around the base with a slight opening to the right where the fistula is.

I would say that the only negative to this product is that it can leave some stickiness when removed, but having said that, a quick wipe with an adhesive remover wipe, soon sorts that out.

I have recently been to see a stoma nurse, who gave me different version of the seal, which apparently doesn’t leave as much residue. I will be ordering them on my next batch, so will be back with an updated post on these new seals. Looking forward to using them.



The new seal wasn’t Eakin, and made me itchy all day, so back to my faithful Eakin.