Kock pouch

What is a Kock pouch?

The Kock pouch was named after Dr Nils Kock after his first procedure in 1969. It is a continent ileostomy so no external pouch is needed. The Kock pouch is made with the terminal ileum to form an internal pouch behind the ileostomy, very much like an internal pouch. It holds approx 500-1000ml of output at a time, with a valve also made from the small intestine that stops the output coming out. To empty the pouch you insert a thin catheter into the stoma through to the internal pouch ( reservoir ) and drain it into the toilet as normal. You usually need to empty approx 2-4 times a day after things have settled.

A piece of gauze or stoma cap is placed over the stoma in between times.

There can be some complications as with all surgeries, and these are similar to other stoma surgeries. Pouchitis can happen when the internal pouch becomes inflamed, you can get a slipped valve, where the valve from the stoma to the pouch returns to its original state. and stenosis, or narrowing of the stoma itself.