Coloplast Brava protective seal


Having used the Eakin seal from Pelican for ages, which I liked , I have now found another seal that I like just a little bit better.

It is less sticky in the sense that it doesn’t totally stick to your fingers, but it sticks much better to the skin without much adjusting. These things on their own wouldn’t normally lead me to change a product that I like, but this product has one thing that I really love.

It comes off your skin without leaving bits behind that have broken down with output. I still need to use the adhesive remover spray, but only as I would whilst getting the bag off. It seems to come away with the bag. Other seals tend to leave a sticky mess around the stoma, which hurts to get off.

All in all, a great product.

UPDATE After I had swapped my seals prescription, my skin started to react with intense itchiness , so I have gone back to Eakin. All is well again.