I Am Denim jeans



I remember seeing these jeans at the Purple Wings event and they had a stall. I have always only ever worn high waisted jeans because of, firstly the colitis with bloating and pain, then the stoma and couldn’t ever see myself with low cut jeans. Unfortunately I dismissed these I Am Denim  jeans as something I wouldn’t wear and I could see them being very uncomfortable.

The price was higher end but then so are other well made jeans and if they were right for you then you probably would spend that amount.

Fast forward to earlier this year and there was a competition to win a pair of these jeans, so I thought okay let’s see if `i can win them and I will then know what they are like, well would you believe it ? I WON THEM, I never win anything so this was wonderful.

Before I let you know what I thought can I just say that the staff are great,( Sophie the designer)  I couldn’t decide on the size so she sent them backwards and forwards to me until I made the decision. I was a right pain considering I had won them and not spent a penny on them.


I am wearing a tight black crop top to show the band.

Well I was very pleasantly surprised by these very well made soft stretchy jeans. The low waist is actually very comfortable because it is nowhere near the stoma but sit nicely slightly above the bottom at the back. You can tell the material is of high end soft denim and you can move about and stretch all over and they stay put. The stretchy material that comes up over your tummy is a nice edition as it also holds you in as well as stopping the over hang of your gut over the jeans ( or is that just me with that problem? ; )   )It gives you a great outline for when you wear skinny tops , or any tops for that matter.

Overall I am looking forward to wearing them after the lockdown and am pleased my original fears about low cut jeans was quashed. I have ordered the joggers because I know that they will be just as comfy and can’t wait for them to arrive too.