Bag covers

I never really thought I would bother with them, but after finding a brilliant bag cover maker on Facebook, I changed my mind. I only wear them on holiday in a bikini, as I don’t feel the need any other time.

I decided on this particular bag cover maker because she embroidered the covers to any pattern really and I fancied showing Tomas off on the beach. I sent the image to her and one of the bags I use ( there are many many bags of all shapes and sizes so it had to be specially made to fit mine.) It is easy to do and you pay via paypal usually.

Packed ready for the beach.

I really liked it so ordered another different design.

You can find quite a few bag makers if you google them, and can get some great materials and patterns.

Recently Lesley has made a lovely soft toy called an Ostomonster and I love them so being the child I was, I ordered one with the pattern of my choice. ( it matches my bedroom colours )  It also has it’s own stoma : )

There are many different brands available, LH is just the one I picked and the customer service is excellent.

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