Not may people tell you why you need to wear belts and support wear, and how you use them, or even which ones to use, so I have decided to explain.

A stoma belt can used be for lots of reasons, some are great for sport and keep fit and are usually quite wide to cover the whole stoma area and to protect it, others are used to support a peristomal hernia or even to help prevent one, others are like a thin elastic that hooks onto a convex pouching system. This is something I use but only at night. The reason I wear them at night is because it stops my pouch lifting when I am asleep if it fills with wind, and it really stops my leaks at night by at least 99%. They are super comfortable and don’t feel at all tight. Some of them don’t hook onto the pouch but your pouch tucks into a deeper section like the second photo below.

You can get stoma support belts which are quite tight to protect from hernias or to support them, there are many many brands and they look like this . In the uk you can get these on prescription if there is a need for one.

I only ever used mine when I am in the gym, I don’t like any restrictions to my pouch, and the reason for that was I went out with one on under a dress to keep it flat looking, but came home to a leak so never used it again. I prefer to use just high rise pants. If you have a hernia or are worried you might get one then these kind of belts will be offered to you, there are so many brands and they all look slightly different but usually come in various colours.

Stoma guards or protecters are popular with ostomates who have a very active sporty life, they are hard covers on a belt of various widths, this one is a Respond stoma guard. You can also get belts that are quite thick and fasten with velcro, which are often for body building and heavy duty gym sessions like this STEALTH BELT

  Stealth Belt



Some companies will make wraps and knickers that are great for intimacy as they are lacy and make you feel normal. Plus support wear, one of the most popular is Vanilla Blush


I think the reason they are successful is because they listen to their customers and understand that we want to wear lovely normal underwear ( men included)  which isn’t something that most companies cater for. They also do support wear for sports and hernia and you can get some through the NHS.