Salts pouch with aloe vera


This bag is very similar to the one I currently use from Pelican. My trial of this one was brief only because my skin was still itchy and this didn’t help at all, I thought the aloe vera would sooth my skin , but it stayed the same if not a touch worse. My skin obviously doesn’t do well with it. The material etc are  similar to the Pelican. This was a shame for me as I thought aloe was supposed to help the skin of sensitive people, but I suppose you can be sensitive to aloe vera too.

Again, the base plate fits wonderfully and your body is able to move freely, you can’t tell you have them on. They also come in various sizes, and convex too.

Again, I would like the manufacturers to know that the little velcro bit that helps the close flap to stay up, is a bit too high so that the close flap only just catches the bit of velcro. This is the same for all the bags I have tried so far.

I may try it again as I have a few samples.

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