Best pillow for post bottom surgery

I came across these on google and thought straight away how comfortable it looked for someone recovering from surgery, in my case particularly bottom surgery. I think they are originally intended for pregnant women but it doesn’t really matter, there are many on google all similar, some are longer but no real brand I know.

The pillow case wasn’t brilliant and the zip broke almost immediately, and it was hilarious trying to get it into the cover ( me and mum were in stitches) but after some modification ( press studs instead of zip) we were there.

What a great product, I wasn’t allowed to sit for four weeks and this pillow was a lifesaver. The comfort when lying in it was amazing, it stopped you rolling back if you nodded off, you could push the two ‘ leg’ bits closer together and sit up higher to eat a meal without putting pressure on your bottom as that would be between the two ‘legs’.

Sofa or bed, either is great, I didn’t sleep in the night on it though, but I suppose you could.