Salts confidence Be

I am someone who has a small fear of change, at least some changes. My pouch is one of them so when I saw the Salts Confidence Be bags I was worried and apprehensive about trying them. I put off trying new products until I am off work for a couple of days just incase…..

This was the write up on these pouches via the Salts website, and I must say I was very impressed with it’s features.

“Available in a choice of black, white and stone for the first time, Confidence® Be has a unique filter design that helps to reduce ballooning, pancaking and odour. The sticky, yet gentle Flexifit® wafer, infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, has thinner edges to prevent rolling and a thicker, more absorbent core. Made from highly water-repellent material, the no-rustle cover dries very quickly, and has an improved outlet that makes it easier to open, empty, clean and secure. While blue guided touchpoints make the bag easy to use, even for those with poor eyesight and dexterity.”

I got a few sent to me originally of the mini version, the material was indeed water repellent and when I peeled back the barrier strip of the wafer I was very surprised to feel that it was hardly sticky at all. It put me off at first and I didn’t use it, thinking it wouldn’t stick to the skin very well ( I needn’t have worried)

I then went to a Salts healthcare presentation of the bags and got a few more.

The colours are excellent and even the stone one wasn’t ” stoma bag brown”. There are three sizes and I tried the regular. The mini is slightly smaller than the mini I use now and the regular is slightly bigger so I will have to decide which is best for me.

I was looking forward to the anti sag effect and the anti ballooning which are the two things that annoy me about the bags in general. I wasn’t disappointed, this bag actually helps with both these things and really well too. A big tick from me. The closure was very neat too and very easy to do.

Although the stickiness on the base plate doesn’t feel sticky enough to the touch, it actually is fine and feels very secure. My skin felt comfortable as well without the usual itch after a day or two’s wear.

It will be available in convex soon for those that need it.

I only have one thing that bothers me ( which is not a lot compared to many pouches), they made the outer bit of base thinner to prevent rolling, but I found on all of them that it kind of wore away a bit. It didn’t affect the way the bag worked at all but my skin was very very slightly red where it crumbled. It stuck really well though so wasn’t a big issue just unusual. This photo was after I had used remover spray, it didn’t just lift.


I am very happy with them all round and would like to try them for a bit longer before I commit to changing, All in all, an excellent pouch with some very exceptional features.

Well done Salts.


I have now changed to these bags, the good points far outweigh the not so good. I feel very secure with these bags, I don’t sag when the bag gets full and I don’t feel like I may leak. All very important to me because I leaked when the weight of the bag used to pull down or to the side while I slept.


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