Pelican platinum contour mini


This is so far my favourite bag for me. The reasons I like it are because it is compact and not bulky, The base of it is smaller than some others so it fits better, and sticks really well. I also like that you can see the stoma really clearly through the window, ( I personally like this).

The things I think could be better with this bag is the velcro bit inside, that keeps the folded bit from falling down, is too low down into the bag so it doesn’t always stick. I have noticed this with other bags though too, you need to fold them a bit higher to catch the velcro.

I also am not too keen on the very slight see through amount there is. You can see the bag go slightly darker with the poo in it, one of the other bags I tried is much better material for this. Although it has some bad points, I still love the comfort of this bag the most so far.