Hair loss through medications and surgery

This is a subject close to my heart as I suffer from hair thinning due to the amount of surgeries and the meds I was taking. ( and still am to some degree).

I think surgery affected mine more so than meds, but it depends on the meds.

If it’s surgery that seems to affect yours, this type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium, and it is the body’s reaction to major stress. The hair growth system temporarily shuts down to allow the body to heal the wounded parts. Repairing hair loss isn’t exactly necessary for survival .

Your hair will go into the resting stage ( telogen) for approx 3 months, then sheds. It won’t leave bald patches but thinning all over the scalp. It usually takes 6 months to a year to right itself. IT ISN’T PERMANENT.

It is a similar story for medications, these can affect the rate of cell division and slow down the process, the good news is that when you stop the meds, the hair will eventually return to normal as with surgery.

I probably wouldn’t bother with any private clinic treatments because we know our hair will eventually right itself, but I do think over the counter help can’t hurt. I have decided to try Plantar 39 caffeine shampoo to help stimulate my hair loss. ( if caffeine stimulates your nervous system then why not hair growth?)

I have used it a few times so far, you need to shampoo into scalp then leave on for two minutes before you rinse it off. ( it doesn’t smell of coffee ; )  ) It costs about £10 so not the cheapest but I have heard good reviews.

I do feel my hair as a whole, has more volume, but can’t say yet whether my thinning temples have improved. I will definitely keep you updated.

Other things that can help with this type of hair loss is finding a good relaxation technique, time relaxing heals a lot of stress and our bodies need that time to mend. If you suffer with a chronic illness this will help your body to calm down and stress levels to decrease. I know it won’t cure you, but you will need time to yourself without worrying what anybody else thinks and you have to be firm with yourself and your family, tell them how it is and what you need.

Long slow deep breaths in a comfortable position

yoga / meditation – you can find basic yoga poses online

relaxing bath with scented candles – particularly lavender

If I find something that really works I will put it on this page.


Unfortunately things didn’t improve as well as I thought they would, and I am still loosing hair at a rate of knots. I pull lots out the plughole and I am getting worried. If anyone has any tips at all please let me know.