My favourite body lotions

This might come as a surprise because it isn’t an expensive one at all.

Since surgery and probably before, I have been plagued with very very dry often scaly skin, especially on the shins. I don’t know why and I tried lots of cream and lotions to help. I would exfoliate regularly and still not cure it. Fake tan would scale and blotch there and it made me miserable. When I shaved it would bleed and feel very sore. I used to think that the more you spent the better the product would be, and to some degree this is true, but not for body lotion. My sister is usually good with recommendations so I called her and she told me about this product.

It is totally amazing and only a few pounds from most shops. There is another one from Palmers and they look alike in most ways but make sure it says coconut oil formula. I have no dry skin scales on my legs and they feel great, dries well and is not sticky.

The other body lotion that I love is by Garnier and it is their Hydro lock brand

I used to hate the feel of my skin after putting anything onto it whilst it drys, but I have to say this is excellent. It dries quickly and really nourishes the skin for many days. I would even go as far as to say this has cleared my scaly bits completely. I find that I use it most days before bed and my skin is really soft.

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