Best pants to wear with a dress yet

I have to say that since I got Tomas the stoma I have struggled when wearing dresses. I couldn’t seem to find the right wrap/cover/support wear to stop my bag from showing and flapping about. The tight support ones would be hot, uncomfortable and often caused leaks by being too flat and tight. Other ones I have tried were too narrow so that the top or bottom of the bag would be pushed out and show through the dress.

Well, I have got the answer ( for me at least, hopefully for others)

Now if you can get over the fact that old people wear them ( I know I am no spring chicken but …) then they are perfect. Not too tight that you have no idea when you need to empty your bag, but just enough to feel very comfortable with no flapping about in the wind.

They do various styles for both women and men and the ones I have are high waisted as I only wear them under dresses.