Coloplast sensura mio



This bag was the very first bag that I used. Initially I had the one piece, but after a few days and because of the fistula, I had the two piece.

I did like this bag, the good points were that you couldn’t see any hint of the contents of the bag. It was a very waterproof material, and the extra tab bit on the end of the opening was useful for cleaning purposes. The base plate was larger than my current bag so more room to have problems. I did find that if I wasn’t especially careful when sticking the bag down,I would have leaks, and because it was a two piece system, I could leak either from the base plate or the bag sticking onto the base plate. I wasn’t as confident with it compared to the one I am using now (Pelican Platinum).

Because I was originally given this bag to use, I didn’t know about any other, so at the time I really liked this one, the only reason I had to try others was that I developed a rash to the adhesive and couldn’t get it under control very well. I would probably try this bag on the beach because of the material, and hope the reaction to the adhesive would have gone.