Ostomy Secrets nude illusion wrap

I don’t like anything too tight around my stoma, so when the NHS allowed me some stoma support wear I wasn’t happy with the items on offer. Yes I am sure they help with hernia prevention but comfort was not on the top of the agenda. They are very tight, hot and uncomfortable. The only reason I wanted to cover my stoma was to stop it swinging freely and showing under a dress.

I kept seeing adverts for the illusion wrap and I was unsure how it would fit and feel on, so never got one. Then a kind ostomate left me some feedback on my site regarding this wrap and how it might meet my needs. I am glad she did.

I ordered the wrap but wasn’t very sure on the size, and because I am bigger than I look I decided to get the large. It arrived very quickly and when I opened the package I was so pleased with what I saw. It was exactly the right colour size and material. A very stretchy soft lace with an internal pocket for my stoma bag to go into. As it happens I wouldn’t probably use the pocket, I just wanted to keep things in position. When I tried it on it was slightly big and I wasn’t sure if I should have ordered the medium. I decided to return the item and I rang them to check how to do it. Well, no one answered at all and I tried many times over a few days, I sent an email and eventually they replied saying there was a form online to fill out and print off if I wanted an exchange or refund. Excellent. I printed the form but realised they wanted the item codes of the products. I had the code of the one I wanted to return but not of the medium. It is not on the website either, and I couldn’t get hold of them on the phone.

I decided to just write what I wanted instead of a product code, and hope for the best. I waited a week but didn’t hear anything so I didn’t know if they had received it or not. I decided to phone again, and this time got through. All was well and my new wrap was on it’s way.

It arrived this morning. I do love it, the material is so soft and stretchy. I haven’t noticed a big difference in the sizes from large to medium but it is ok and still worth the money. All I would say is for Ostomy secrets to maybe get more staff to answer the phones / emails a bit more promptly. 😉 but their customer service is good when you speak to them, and the product is lovely.