My own experience has been difficult at first. My stoma would itch if I wore anything too tight, it would also drag the bag a bit which would pull on my skin.

I tried stoma support bands but felt far too constricted in them. I felt sure my bag would pop at any given time and that I couldn’t tell if it was filling up, so I gave up totally on them. I bought an illusion wrap too which is ok up to a point but they seem to ride up or curl over so again no good for me really. The only time I wear it is with a tight fitting dress.

Jeans I have high waisted as they are so comfortable and sit above the stoma and bag.

I can wear shorts and floaty tops to draw eyes away from any lumps and I feel good too. I don’t feel that I need a support garment even though Tomas is an outie and can stick out through thinner clothes.

The only clothes I have trouble with are thinner tight dresses and tops but I will say that with a bit of trickery with patterns and stripes and dark colours even those can be worn. I have to keep an eye on the bag filling though because then it becomes more noticeable, but other than that, no one knows.

I have just been into Tesco and saw some lovely leggings. They were really soft and had a high waist. I decided to buy 2 pairs and can honestly say they are the best I have bought so far. They cover my stoma bag and make me feel secure. They are a good material and don’t feel like they will lose their shape easily.

” Stoma nurse recommended I use waist bands from @ComFizz, surprised more people don’t wear them. Very comfortable and they’ll send you a free one to try. I literally never leave home without one on.” Patrick

How about swimwear?

well if you don’t want anyone to know you have a stoma but still want to wear a bikini, then the shorts bottoms are ideal. These ones have a tie at the front that you can tie over the side that your stoma is on.


I have found a brilliant pair of jeans that are so comfy and soft, but wait for this…. they are from Primark, yes Primark, and are only £10. They are super high waisted which means that it clears my stoma bag by quite a few millimetres so therefore I get no dragging down when I move.

I know I am not that young and thin but I like to wear nice comfortable clothes, so I also like to share the things I have found.