Bathing and hot tubs with a stoma

For those of you who are nervous about having a nice long bath or a good few hours in the hot tub, it is not out of the question. As long as your bags stick well then having a bubble bath and soaking in there for an hour or so will not cause your bag to leak or the glue to disintegrate. Hot tubs for me are different as I explain further down.

I love having a bath more than a shower even if it is not bag change day, and will just towel dry the bag afterwards making sure I dry round the base thoroughly. Same with having a shower. I can stay in the bath until the water starts to get colder and all stays well with my bag.

I was more worried about a hot tub when I first went in one with some friends. Would my bag hold for a long length of time? Can’t imagine the embarrassment if it went pear shaped. Anyway, the first time I went in was fairly ok, It stuck pretty well and didn’t leak but the glue did go a bit mushy round the edge.

The second time I went in the hot tub which was probably for a bit longer, the base plate went really mushy and came away in one section, luckily I wear a convex and the important part didn’t leak, I remembered to take a spare bag just in case, glad I did.

It did put me off a bit, but a few glasses of wine later meant I didn’t care. ; )