Crohns and Colitis awareness week 2020


Another year has gone by with lots of social media presence helping to spread awareness of these terrible diseases.

There are many manifestations of these diseases apart from going to the toilet multiple times a day AND night. There are many painful and degrading tests and medical procedures.

It is about the chronic fatigue, the weight loss, the vomiting, the pain, the bloody stool and mucus, or even just blood and lots of it, it is the surgeries, the skin diseases, the anxiety or depression, the high doses of heavy duty medications, the joint pain, the incontinence, the liver diseases, the eye inflammation, the multiple mouth ulcers, the hair loss, the fistulas, the swollen anal skin tags, the enemas and nasogastric tubes, the cameras in all bodily opening, the urgency, the panty liners and pads, the missed events, the steroid moon face, the lack of understanding, the needles, the uncertainty, the side effects to meds, the embarrassment of not having control over your bowels.

This was me the night before emergency surgery to have my colon removed.

These are just a few of the things we have had to put up with, so if you know anyone with IBD then don’t under estimate what they are going through, a lot of which is hidden. Ask them is they need help, or just sit and chat with them, it can make the world of difference.

IBD it’s not for the weak.


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