Tomas travels again

My latest travels took us to Spain and with all the preliminary faffing with covid papers and tests etc we were on our way. Tomas behaved reasonably well, actually with what I threw at him he behaved amazingly well. We went for two weeks with my husband and friends and I ate the equivalent of a small house, not to mention the alcohol. I daren’t weigh myself yet until I settle back in to my normal routine back home.

I ate everything and anything, and waited to see if it affected me and my digestive system. Seafood, copious amounts of bread ( it was usually complimentary so I had to eat it ) things I knew I should have chewed better but forgot until it was already on it’s way. So all in all, Tomas was amazing it was just me who wasn’t.

I use social media a lot and it seems that with all my friends and groups of ostomates, I always expect to see someone on the beach with a stoma, but in six years I never have. It has always been just little old me, and this year I felt vulnerable and stared at. i kept tucking my bag into my bikini bottoms whenever I got up off my sun lounger to go to the toilet or the bar because everyone seemed to be looking at me ( I am not paranoid) and usually I walk tall and proud but this time I didn’t feel confident and I can’t explain why, maybe next time I will be back to being confident me. The photo at the top was taken on a secluded beach with just some of my closest friends and husbands so I felt happy to keep my bag out then.

We went to the mud flats to have the healing and cleansing salt water pool muds rubbed onto our skins and then washed off in the water, it was quite an experience and I actually enjoyed it. I made sure Tomas and bag were covered so that the mud wouldn’t get on to them and it seemed to work, I just felt the need to change my bag later that day.

I shall keep raising awareness and showing my stoma bag off ( when my confidence lets me) and I want others to know that you can still live your life the way you want to and get out there in the big wide world.


3 Replies to “Tomas travels again”

  1. I think that it’s great that you don’t cover up. The more that people see Tomas and friends, the more comfortable they will be. It’s part of you and people might be staring out of curiosity. They might be wanting to ask you questions and talk about it. My brother in law has had a bag for about 12 to 15 years. We’ve never seen it nor does he talk about it. If asked, he changes the subject. So we stopped asking. I understand so much more via Tomas. Glad that you’ve had a lovely holiday x

  2. I’ve got a massive hole in my leg from my malignant melanoma surgery. It actually looks quite ugly. However, it’s now part of me and I’m glad to be alive so I don’t cover it up! If anyone asks and is curious about it then I’ll tell them. I’m not embarrassed by it. It’s positive that people understand

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