Back at work

Well I have been back to work for two weeks on phased return, and I am glad to be back.Everyone is happy to see me luckily, and I have been reasonable well. I did have a small leak from my proctectomy before I went back and a swab found infection so was on antibiotics for that, which cleared up fine.Only thing is it left me with oral thrush so am on oral suspension for that.

This morning I woke up with a slightly swollen eye and itchy skin, so it seems I am allergic to something, maybe that thrush stuff, annoying. Will see what happens today, luckily I am off work today anyway.

Tomas decided to make himself known in a training session, by making loud noises,there were only three other people and at first I made excuse about tummy rumbles, but the noise didn’t really sound like that so I fessed up. Those happened to be folks who didn’t know about him, so otherwise I would have laughed it off.

I have been lucky that I have not had a leak at work, usually I don’t leak, but this week my stoma bag leaked twice at home.They were both small leaks that didn’t spoil anything, but you always have that fear, and I noticed both as I got up in the morning, so it set my morning routine askew and I felt a bit rushed. I like to air Tomas for 20 mins when I change my bags, to help prevent itchy skin and time for the barrier spray to soak in. I found myself pressing the edges of the bag over my clothes all morning to double make sure it was stuck well. It could be a lot worse though, and I could leak at work or all in the bed. All in all, work has been great, and I have settled back into it, and all the new things that have been introduced in the year I have been off.

I was measured for a hernia belt too last week, I wasn’t sure about them at first, as I thought they might feel very tight, but I was pleasantly surprised. I get three on prescription a year, and not only that, I can have them in the pants style with lace. I have decided to try them both and decide on the third, based on the outcome. I will mainly use them for if I wear dresses and skirts ( those that know me will probably say, never then) but even tighter clothing would look better as the support with hold it all in and flatter, but allow the bag to fill up still.


You can get them from the NHS or websites that do ostomy underwear.


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