Cleaning Tomas the stoma

A new year will hopefully bring a better year. So far so reasonably good.

The over granulation on my stoma that the stoma nurse put silver nitrate on (pic 3) is now much better (pic 2). My skin around Tomas is fine too, only itches when I need to change my bag. I find a lot of ostomates have trouble at some time or other with soreness etc, but I seem to have found a routine that suits me.

My bag change routine is as follows ( for those who might get some tips for theirs)

Use Brava adhesive remover spray to ease the bag off, without pulling at it , as I found this aggravates things.

Clean all around with warm water and tissues until very clean.


I then use ostopeel adhesive remover wipes to get rid of any sticky seal that is still left on from the Eakin seal I use.


Dry with soft tissue, and if there is time, I usually lie there for a while on my bed watching tv to get some air onto my skin.


I will then spray ostoguard lavender barrier spray, leave for a bit, then spray again, leave for a bit.


Finally I mould the Eakin seal ring around the base of the stoma, when everything is fairly dry, so that it sticks well. This then helps prevent leaks under the bag. I know there is a gap in the photo, this is where I have the fistula, so I have to mould around that.



The bag then goes on, and I make sure it is stuck all the way around the stoma and outer edge.

Usually this goes according to plan, but if Tomas is in a naughty mood, he will inevitably poo whilst I am doing all of this, so I have tissues tucked under him, and judge when to put on the seal and bag. It has gone wrong though ,when he poos after the ring is on, and that can be a pest, not to mention wasting time and stock.

Everyone is different, but if you are having trouble with sore skin etc, it is sometimes useful to try what others are doing.

Good Luck and a happy and pain free new year


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