Let’s change the stoma bag


I felt the dreaded itchiness

This meant only one thing

It was time to change the pouch

along with the Eakin ring.

I can usually go a few days

And this was now day 2

I thought about leaving it longer

and changed my mind ,as you do.

Out came the adhesive remover

with the black bag ready as well,

A tissue tucked up underneath

He might squirt, it was difficult to tell.

The bag was off and all was good

Tomas was unusually still,

He can be a crafty bugger

And change his mind at will.

I cleaned him until he was poo free

Then used the barrier spray,

How easy was that, I’m almost done,

“Good job”  I hear you say.

The seal goes on, without a fight

The bag is next to me

Oh no I forgot to cut the hole

A wasted minute or three,

I snipped round the hole

as quick as I could

Before he made a mess,

I didn’t make it, he woke up

It was like a volcano I’d guess.

Start again I would have to do

cos poo was on the seal

I made sure I was more prepared

as this shit often gets real.