Maybelline tattoo brow

Now I know you may be wondering what this has to do with stomas, well it’s nothing really. It’s just something I decided to try, and then to show the result.

I am someone who partied in the 80’s, which meant I plucked my eyebrows to within an inch of their life. Now of course, it’s all about the eyebrows, and apart from micro blading or tattooed eyebrows, I thought i would try tattoo brow.

It is a gel that temporarily tints the eyebrows in a subtle way, and also the skin too. You do need a steady hand and a bit of nerve to try it because if you go wrong it will be there for a few days. It seems to be very skin friendly which is good.

The gel dries as you wait for about 20 mins, longer if you want it to last well. Then you just peel it off, brilliant.

Here is a before during and after tattoo brow.

Not bad I think, I would definitely use it again. It just gives a clear line and fills in the thin bits. ( I dyed my hair at the same time ).

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