My favourite fake tan

Fake tan can be so hard work to get right especially on fair skin that is a bit dry most of the time, but I have found one that gives a lovely natural tan, and if applied well with a mitt, there are no streaks.

It isn’t the cheapest brand out there and believe me, I have tried many as my skin is white and it takes ages for me to tan.

I also decided to put thin rubber gloves on under the mitt as it seeps through and you end up with tanned palms. After applying, I take the gloves off and finish my hands by using a cotton wool round with some tan on, it seems to work really well and many people don’t realise it’s fake. I have been told it is very natural.

The brand is Sienna.

It is a tinted mousse so you can see where you have put it, and develops over one to four hours so you don’t have to sleep in it, in fact it tells you not to leave any more time. When it washes off you think it hasn’t worked too well, but in fact it is still working and gets darker over a few more hours.

Both these photos are me with the fake tan.