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I just have to vent my frustration at the messing about of my stoma supplies my NAMS, the Nottingham Appliance Management service. They have obviously been told to keep everyones supplies to the cheapest and to the minimum.

I understand that some supplies are dearer than others and I am happy to change to a cheaper product ( f I am consulted first ). BUT DO NOT REMOVE ONE ALTOGETHER. This is stressful and I am unhappy abut it. I rang to order my supplies this morning to be told my barrier spray which I have had since surgery and need as I have a fistula at the base of my stoma and an allergy to a lot of plasters and some base plates. I was told that it was no longer on my prescription and if I wanted it back on, I needed my stoma nurse to email them with the reason.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD A STOMA ? HAVE YOU EVER HAD TO PUT ON A POUCH THAT STICKS TO YOUR SKIN EVERY DAY FOREVER? whoever decides what we can and can’t have needs to be on our stoma forums to see what a mess our skin can get into if we don’t look after it.  If it ends up  that I cannot have it anymore I will be coming to you to sort my skin out.

I know this way of ordering will be happening all over the country eventually and what is more annoying is the fact that it is one stoma supply company that got the contract and they then try and push their products on to you.


“We promise to deliver on time, wherever and whenever you need products, ensuring you always get the bet possible service. We will never change your products without first discussing this with you and your healthcare professional, meaning you’ll receive products and accessories to meet your needs, everytime you order.”

 This didn’t happen to me, and it hasn’t previously , when I rang to order my usual adhesive remover spray when they just said it wasn’t available anymore !!!! The company I use for that spray was not very happy at all.

I get that the NHS has to be careful with money now, and I am happy to be asked to try a different brand, but to deny altogether is totally unacceptable.
Read the label , it says protect the skin, not heals the skin after the fact.
NAMS say we can only have remover spray if your skin is affected, what they fail to realise it it’s the barrier spray that stops the skin getting sore, you have it totally wrong NAMS.



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  1. In Wales we had a long battle because adhesive remover was classed as an “Accessory “ which meant that some hospitals and GPS refused to prescribe it. Stoma nurses claimed that soap and water would do the job! Three of us petitioned the local health boards and the Welsh Assembly and thankfully after many months most of us can receive this “accessory”. To me an accessory is a handbag or similar-something that is not necessary but to an ostomist the remover is an essential. Our skin needs to be protected and nurtured not having to pull a bag off raw skin. Only people who have travelled our journey are worthy to pass an opinion. If there have to be cuts perhaps other options should be looked at. We cannot improve our situation nor did we choose it.

  2. Eugh this is frustrating!! I’m lucky in that I’ve not experienced this (yet) so I count my blessings there. It’s awful that such decisions are made based on money by people who probably don’t have a clue how important certain products and brands are to those who use them, or what the effects are for us with stomas if we don’t have what we need.

    1. Hi Caz, I know it is very frustrating, luckily my stoma nurse has got in touch with NAMS to tell them to continue with the barrier sprey for me. It such a waste of everyones time faffing about. x

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