If it’s not one fistula it’s the other

I am now being referred to St Marks hospital in London for my vaginal fistula / defect. I have had issues ” down there” for years since my first surgery, and since the rectum removal so a bit longer won’t make much difference in the scale of things. Just hope they can help me.

Why do things occur or worsen straight after seeing your surgeon? you wait for ages to see them, then as soon as you are back home, things suddenly get 100 times worse. My stoma fistula has now decided to over power my stoma. For the last few weeks the fistula has decided to produce all the output whilst my stoma has none. The plumbing has altered and I don’t know what this means for the stoma. Will it wither and die? or will it keep on moving as if output will pass, but it never does?


Have you ever seen Scrad from Men in Black 2 with Jonny Knoxville? well this is Tomas and the fistula ( the fistula being the annoying second character attached to the first)

I think I need to consider a refashion sooner rathe than later and maybe re-site Tomas to the other side of my tummy, and just hope that I don’t get another one. My surgeon is retiring at the end of May so I think I need to ask for his advice re another surgeon.

Anyone else had a refashion or siting? how was your recovery? how long were you in hospital for?


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  1. Hi Claire, I really sympathise, these fistula just keep on causing trouble. I have an abdominal one on my mid line and a smaller one to the left, I hate them. I’ve had my stoma 35 years , the fistula came after a hysterectomy, long story, and I’ve had the fistulae 6 years. No repair on the horizon as too dangerous.
    At least you are being referred to st Mark’s so will have an expert view.
    My story is very similar to yours Clare with these horrific complications that are so life changing and yet not talked about.

    1. Hi Lauraine, fistulas are a real nightmare, and no one really knows what it is like except those of us who suffer. I think abdominal ones are the very difficult ones, mine is right at base of stoma so the same bag usually works. Take care

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