It’s not all bad


Cut the bag, size to fit

Making sure there is no shit

Coming out the edges, under the bag

All my hard work, my shoulders sag

Do I change my bag? Or just my seal?

whatever it takes to for my skin heal


Tomas just laughs and poo’s some more.

I try to catch it before it lands on the floor

Nothing to lose, I grab the bag

My son then walks in and starts to gag.

Get out I shout, whilst holding my belly

OMG mum, that really is smelly.


I slam the door shut and get back to my job

It takes all my strength to try not to sob.

The bag it on, my skin starts to sting

Just in time as the phone starts to ring.

Leave me alone, I am cleaning my stoma

For doing all this I deserve a diploma

My knowledge is vast regarding my poo

And everything else to do with the loo.


This is why I shout out about my condition

And having it done isn’t a terrible decision

Despite the poo and sometimes the pain

And the fact that I wouldn’t go through it again

I am left with a blob that I have to look after

But it helped me to live and overcome a disaster

I no longer have to rush to the loo

And there are many more things that I now can do.

So if you are worried about having this done

Just remember you will feel like your life has begun.


4 Replies to “It’s not all bad”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your verse, it quite made me smile.I have a Winnie the Pooh, and seem at times I live in the loo, By the time I’ve emptied and cleaned I feel like I’ve run a mile.But for all that is said without it I would be dead.

  2. Brilliant and so true.
    This is my life at the moment (without the kid)!
    Thanks for the laughs! 💕

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