Tomas and me

Tomas can be a right pest when he wants.


Just when I have decided not to have surgery to refashion Tomas ( because of the fistula ) he plays up. I was managing the fistula very well with the Eakin seals. Then low and behold , my skin around Tomas popped out and started to curl around. Apparently it is called over granulation, where the skin is irritated / sore, and white cells gather and cause these unsightly raised bumps, which can be sore and sometimes bleed.


I went to see the stoma nurse, and she has dabbed silver nitrate onto them , a bit like you would with a wart. Hopefully they will eventually come away. It stung a small amount when she first did it, but after about 30mins, it was back to normal. They are harmless anyway, so if you can manage them, leaving them alone won’t be a problem.


She also told me about the new Eakin seals that clean off much easier, I like the sound of that, I do like Eakin seals anyway but they can be a pain to clean off when changing your bag, so the new ones will be much better I hope. I have one on now and will order the new ones when I need some more. It seems very comfortable at the moment.

I am also being fitted for a stoma support belt, which ostomates are usually advised to wear, especially when working / exercise/gardening etc, as we are more prone to hernias and prolapsed stomas. This was also the reason I didn’t want more surgery on Tomas because I was told that I would be even more prone to these complications.Better the (little) devil you know.


On a different subject, I went to see my councellor and she said I had come a long way since I first met with her, and I accept what has happened to me now, and embrace Tomas. I have to agree, things are much better and I have one more session after I have started back to work, to check things are still ok. It seems a long time ago when I was in hospital for all those weeks, not knowing if I would make it in one piece ( am not quite in one piece, a piece has gone never to return) but I can actually talk quite openly about it all. I dont remember ALL my time there in full, but I undestand the severity.

At the moment I am looking forward to christmas, and I really hope people in a similar situation can overcome things and enjoy christmas too. To those awaiting help, it does get better.

Merry christmas everyone, see you soon.

Love Tomas and me xxxx